Technocast Minerals

Surface Preparation & Treatment

Surface preparation is a necessary step for the success of any maintenance operation

TECHNO CAST provides specific services related to the surface preparation and treatment of various industrial equipment

Depending on the application, we perform the preparation, cleaning using dry-ice or sand blasting with various materials

The surface treatment focuses on the use of high-performance materials to prevent wear and corrosion.

We can apply these coatings on site at your facilities.

Surface Preparation & Treatment

TECHNO CAST offers the following solutions:

Cryogenic washing

Process which replaces cleaning with chemicals. The projection of CO2 dry ice cleans all types of dirt or residue on all surfaces. Thus, the cleaning of glue, gum, tar, varnish, ink, paint is fast and efficient.

The 3 phases of dry ice blasting by blasting dry ice

  • Thermal shock phase -76 °
  • Mechanical phase
  • Sublimation phase

Cleaning Stripping, cutting and demolition

Removal of residues present on the surface the objective is to increase the surface micro-roughness of the steel and thus its reactivity to allow better adhesion.


Shot blasting

Abrasive blasting (steel or stainless-steel shot) The goal on the one hand to eliminate the oxides present on the surface of the part and on the other hand to increase the surface roughness in order to obtain better adhesion



Consists of stripping a surface by projecting, at high speed and under high pressure, an abrasive through a nozzle.

The advantages of sandblasting:

  • Strips perfectly
  • Renovated
  • Removes oxides
  • Prepares surfaces for subsequent coatings


Liquid paint is applied with a spray gun:

  • Epoxy (anti corrosion)
  • Polyurethane (anti UV)
  • Glycero (anti rust)
  • All shades
  • On all metals