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The production of ready-mix concrete relies heavily on the availability of the equipment since timing between mixing and loading is very critical. The conveyor belts carrying ingredients or mix should be checked regularly. TECHNO CAST provides maintenance solutions designed to keep your belt conveyors moving efficiently.


The wear of the various components causes a reduction in machine output and in variations of quality of the materials processed. 

TECHNO CAST provides effective solutions to prevent premature wear of the machinery components in concrete and ready-mix operations.





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There are two types of ready-mix plants. A central mixing plant uses a stationary mixer to mix the concrete. The concrete is then transferred into the transportation vehicle. A truck mixing plant places all unmixed dry materials into a truck mixer. Water is added and mixing is then done in the truck. Many central mix plants have the ability to bypass the stationary mixer, thus making them a hybrid of the two types. Truck mixing plants are simpler and less expensive than central mix plants because they do not have a stationary mixer. This is important because less machinery means less potential problems. For long trips the dry materials can be held in the truck until it reaches the site where water is then added and mixing can be completed. The advantage of central mixing lies within the fact that a mixing truck can hold more completely mixed concrete than unmixed concrete. This means that there can be more concrete delivered with fewer trucks.

Besides a few small exceptions, all mixing plants have the same basic layout. The plants consist of aggregate storage, cement/pozzolan storage, batchers (aggregate batching, cement batching, water and admixture batching), dust collection system, feed system, and some sort of mixer (truck mixer or stationary mixer). Due to modern technology, the ready-mix plant can be operated from a remote location. A batch operator uses video equipment and computer systems to control the crucial areas of the plant.

All systems in a readymix plant must be constantly regulated to ensure that all specifications will be met. If a specification is not met, the desired concrete may not be achieved. Faulty concrete can cause significant delays on any project. This could cost the owner money and future business. The owner of the plant is responsible for meeting all environmental and safety regulations. As for all heavy machinery, operators must be educated about the hazards associated with the machines in order to operate them safely and effectively.

The readymix concrete industry has been active for nearly ninety years and will continue to flourish long into the future. There have been some technological advancements, but the basic idea remains the same.

We can assist you with the Maintenance of your Belt Conveyors

Whether you are experiencing premature wear of conveyor belts, product spillage or dust generation from an incorrectly sealed load zone, TECHNO CAST has the expertise to find solutions that will keep your operation running at peak productivity.


Wear Protection for your Production  Equipment

With our long experience in Wear Protection Solutions, we can provide you with efficient maintenance solutions to solve your problems with chutes and discharge points. Depending on some parameters, such as grain size, impact energy, temperature, speed, humidity, chutes can be subject to severe wear problems.


TECHNO CAST can help you identify the type of wear and provide the adequate solution. We have a comprehensive line of products and technologies available for each situation. We provide a variety of lining materials for chutes & discharge points subject to wear, abrasion impact .


We can also perform the installation of the adequate lining for to protect your existing chutes and discharge points or can provide you with prefabricated and lined chutes.


We can help you Improve the Flow of Material in your Silos & Hoppers & Transportation Pipes

The silos and hoppers in cement factories constantly undergo variations in parameters such as humidity, temperatures, density, and quality of materials. This results in large material flow variations which often lead to blockage / clogging of the silos and hoppers.


Our wear protection and sliding -promotion solutions installed on silo and hopper on walls and surfaces ensure impeccable operation. They thus avoid the need for manual cleaning or the need to use vibrators or air cannons to ensure continuous production without interruption.


When choosing the right materials for wear protection linings, our engineers take into account the specific geometry involved, for example that of a hopper or silo. Very often, we propose solutions composed of several materials which will be installed in the different parts of a silo (cylindrical, conical part.)



Our EZP1 primary scraper removes material deposits and dramatically improves belt cleaning at a quarry in wilaya de Tebessa

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