Technocast Minerals

Fabrication of Structures with Wear Protection

Optimal wear protection lining for industrial equipment can also consist of a combination of different materials.

We provide the total package: starting with advice on application, measurements on-site, design services, manufacture of the lining, through delivery and proper installation.

TECHNO CAST fabricates custom wear-resistant solutions to meet customers’ specific abrasion, impact and corrosion problems. The foundation of the wear resistant piping and abrasion resistant linings offered by TECHNO CAST consists of different materials with a wide range of individual characteristics for wear protection:

In-house Fabrications

Our engineers design custom, cost saving solutions for new or existing equipment. 

Our in-house Metal Fabrication Shop is equipped with CNC Plasma-cutting equipment, machinery for cutting, bending, rolling drilling, welding as well as other machining equipment.

We have also acquired technologies to manufacture our own hard facing and overlay-welding plates and to apply hard facing protection on various industrial parts and components.

TECHNO CAST can manufacture various structures and components fully lined with adequate wear protection. We can apply wear resistant products to pipes, bends, chutes, screw conveyors , hoppers to name just few examples.