Technocast Minerals

Audit of Screening Process

After carefully checking over your entire production system, you will receive a detailed overview of the actual plant condition. Our inspection includes:

  • Visual check of all relevant assemblies and components

  • Inspection of the product distribution,

  • Inspection of the various screening decks in each machine

  • Determination of optimization possibilities

  • Inspection report and recommendations

Audit of Screening Process

We monitor the various phases of screening process to determine the performance of the equipment.

Our technicians will also audit the product quality , mainly grain distribution to evaluate the efficiency of the screening .

Inspection of the screening equipment , using diagnostic tools is also part the screening audit.

The main objectives are :

  • Improve the efficiency of screening,
  • Reduce the amount of recycled material
  • Minimize pegging and blinding
  • Reduce downtime
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