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As a service supplier of industrial belting, TECHNO CAST  provides a large selection of high performance specialty belts for industrial automation applications. This includes plastic modular belting.

Our plastic modular belts are assembled in a bricklay pattern. This feature allows the construction of virtually any width and length. Our custom-made belts are available with flights and side guards as an integral part of the belt, and are secured with full-width plastic hinge rods.

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  • We offer modular plastic conveyor belts in the standard materials polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polyacetal (POM), which are FDA approved and therefore suitable for use in the food industry.

    Modular belts made of polyethylene (PE) can be used from minus 73°C to plus 66°C and are therefore ideal for use in cold environments. Especially where high impact resistance plays an important role, a belt made of this material is the best choice.

    Modular belts made of polypropylene (PP) are particularly suitable for temperatures from plus 5°C to plus 100°C. This robust material has a high tensile strength and is the best solution for use in cooking and drying plants in this temperature range. It has a very high chemical resistance to many aggressive media.

    Modular belts made of polyacetal (POM) are used in a temperature range from minus 73°C to plus 95°C. This plastic is above all characterised by a very high tensile strength and an abrasion-resistant surface. With their low coefficients of friction, these belts are preferably used in accumulation mode. 

  • Molded sprockets feature a design which allows easy access for sanitation across the width of the conveyor shafts.
  • Oblong hole improves access to the hinge rod along the entire width of the belt, The hinge design redirects water flow to improve sanitation.
  • Smooth lines and rounded corners eliminate areas where debris can be trapped. 
  • A complete range of pitch diameters and bore sizes is available to suit most applications.
  • Each belt style is available in food approved materials to meet a wide range of application requirements, operating temperatures and chemical resistance.

wide range for different requirements

Our modular belts are available with a variety of state-of-the-art features, including special materials for: low friction, self-lubrication, chemical resistance, food approved materials, as well as with antistatic, flame retardant, magnetic, detectable, electrically conductive, submersible, anti-microbial, special-impact, cut-resistant, high-temperature, and super high‑temperature properties.  


there are three main types of modular belt available:
  • straight belts, for horizontal, inclined, or declined conveying applications.
  • radius belts, designed for easy conveying in curved applications. These belts can operate in both straight and radius applications.
  • spiral belts, specifically designed for low tension spiral applications in buffering, proofing, cooling or freezing lines.