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Hard Overlay Welding plates 

Overlay Welding plates are a composite material made of an easy-to-weld steel plate coated by means of open arc welding with a layer of impact and abrasion resistant alloy.

We manufacture High Load impact wear-plates. The tough martensitic matrix contains complex carbides that are fine­ly and homogeneously dispersed. This specific crystallographic structure allows our plates to withstand extreme conditions of impacts even when mild abrasion is present. These products are suitable for chutes, buckets, crushers, and any other application with impacts.

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  • Offers the best protection against combined wear by impact and abrasion

  • Resists impact where standard wear-plates fail

  • Improves service life of parts such as buckets, chutes, conveyors, and any other element exposed to strong impact

Long-Lasting Wear Protection

You deserve the best plates, we manufacture them


We use the Castolin Eutectic manu­facturing accuracy, where the specific welding procedure and equip­ment promote a better orien­tation of hard phases within the alloy during solidification, ensuring an additional pro­tection of the surface and a stronger bonding between car­bides and matrix.



  • Dimensions : 1.500 x 3.000mm (1.220 x 2.740mm coated, 3,34 m2)

  • Base material: mild steel

  • Type of wear-facing: chromium carbide, titanium carbide

  • Hardness of the weld cladded surface: 50 to 64 HRC

  • Max operating temperature: 300°C