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An increase in global recycling means an increase in business, and your belt conveyor systems need to be able to run without interruption. You do not want materials to adhere to the belt and get wrapped up in your pulleys, halting production and damaging the system. That is why we offer a variety of belt cleaning and plow options to keep the top side of the belt clean and discharge fugitive materials from the return side. 

TECHNO CAST offers a variety of belt conveyor products & services to keep materials sorted and on the belt. Our mechanical fasteners make splice installation quick and easy. For transportation of oil contaminated waste , we offer conveyor belts with various constructions and rubber lining.

You can count on TECHNO CAST for products and solutions tailored to your process.





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Nearly every industrial process, from manufacturing consumer goods to generating energy, produces different types of by-products, many of which are usable materials. Similar to municipal solid wastes, such as cardboard, newspapers, and beverage containers, these industrial materials are also valuable commodities that can be recycled.

Industrial materials recycling, also referred to as beneficial use, means reusing or recycling byproduct materials generated from industrial processes in an environmentally responsible manner. Thousands of manufacturing and industrial processes and electric utility generators create hundreds of millions of tons of nonhazardous industrial materials that are often wasted. These materials can often be used as substitutes for raw materials in the manufacture of consumer products, roads, bridges, buildings, and other construction projects.

Nonhazardous industrial materials, such as coal ash, foundry sand, construction and demolition materials, slags, and gypsum, are valuable by-products of industrial processes. Each material may be recycled or reused in a variety of diverse applications. These materials have many of the same chemical and physical properties as the virgin materials they replace — they can even improve the quality of a product. For example, the use of coal fly ash can enhance the strength and durability of concrete. Putting these commodities into productive use saves resources and energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and contributes to a sustainable future.


We can assist you with the Maintenance of your Belt Conveyors

Whether you are experiencing premature wear of conveyor belts, product spillage or dust generation from an incorrectly sealed load zone, TECHNO CAST has the expertise to find solutions that will keep your operation running at peak productivity.


Efficient Wear Protection for Chutes & Discharge points

With our long experience in Wear Protection Solutions, we can provide you with efficient maintenance solutions to solve your problems with chutes and discharge points. Depending on some parameters, such as grain size, impact energy, temperature, speed, humidity, chutes can be subject to severe wear problems.


TECHNO CAST can help you identify the type of wear and provide the adequate solution. We have a comprehensive line of products and technologies available for each situation. We provide a variety of lining materials for chutes & discharge points subject to wear, abrasion impact .


We can also perform the installation of the adequate lining for to protect your existing chutes and discharge points or can provide you with prefabricated and lined chutes.


We can help you Improve the Flow of Material in your Silos & Hoppers & Transportation Pipes

The silos and hoppers in cement factories constantly undergo variations in parameters such as humidity, temperatures, density, and quality of materials. This results in large material flow variations which often lead to blockage / clogging of the silos and hoppers.


Our wear protection and sliding -promotion solutions installed on silo and hopper on walls and surfaces ensure impeccable operation. They thus avoid the need for manual cleaning or the need to use vibrators or air cannons to ensure continuous production without interruption.


When choosing the right materials for wear protection linings, our engineers take into account the specific geometry involved, for example that of a hopper or silo. Very often, we propose solutions composed of several materials which will be installed in the different parts of a silo (cylindrical, conical part.)


Engineered Spare Parts for your Crushing ,Milling & Cooler Equipment

TECHNO CAST provides custom solutions for the protection of industrial facilities from wear and impact damage. Our wear-resistant foundry parts are engineered to improve productivity and minimize maintenance downtime.

With a holistic approach to wear part design that improves the original part’s weight, weight distribution and alloy selection, our steel industry products include wear parts for horizontal shaft impactors, hammermills, ball mills, feeders, valves, roller mills, gyratory crushers, cone crushers, jaw crushers.

We also specialize in customized and cost-cutting solutions designed for particular wear challenges.


We can help you Improve your Screening Process

TECHNO CAST offers its customers comprehensive solutions in the field of screening, scalping, washing technologies. With our partner Haver Niagara, we can supply single machines, to turnkey handover of complex plants as well as process engineering solutions.


We can perform audits and inspections on your machines, help you with the selection of the most efficient screening media for your application and provide maintenance services to keep your process at high performance.


TECHNO CAST can perform vibration analysis on the machines to improve its efficiency, we can provide the proper screening media to obtain the highest throughput. 

We can also help you set up a proper maintenance procedure for your screening process.






Our EZP1 primary scraper removes material deposits and dramatically improves belt cleaning at a quarry in wilaya de Tebessa

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