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Installation of Refractory Products

Refractories are a vital component of industrial manufacturing. They are used in just about every industrial process that utilizes heat.

TECHNO CAST performs installation of refractory materials, at various industrial equipment

Our maintenance team has the experience required to handle large projects in cement plants and other industries.

Installation of castable refractories

Refractory concrete lining is used to line radiant and convection sections of furnace, waste heat boilers, flue ducts, and steel stacks..

Refractory concrete lining material consists of a mixture of calcium aluminate cement and lightweight aggregates. It is supplied by the manufacturer as a dry mix. After the addition of water, it is suitable for application by gunning or casting.

Two type of refractory concrete materials are used for lining of heating equipment: lightweight and medium weight.

  • Lightweight (LW) concrete is a mixture of calcium aluminate cement with aggregates (e.g., perlite, vermiculite, blast-furnace slag, clay, diatomite, fly ash, shale, or slate). LW concrete is used as a lining material for radiant sections and convection sections of furnaces and waste heat boilers,

  • Medium-weight (MW) Concrete is a mixture of calcium aluminate cement with aggregates (e.g., blast-furnace slag, clay, diatomite, fly ash, shale, or slate). It is mostly used as a lining material for furnace header boxes and cold flue ducts (e.g., for ducts from convection sections of waste heat boilers to the stack, for steel stacks, and for convection sections of furnaces and waste heat boilers where shot cleaning will be applied).


Installation of Refractory Bricks

Brick refractories are used for refractory lining of floors and burner areas of boilers and furnaces, and where refractory concrete lining alone is unsuitable. Refractory brick lining is normally used in conjunction with refractory concrete lining.


  • High alumina fire brick containing more than 50% weight. alumina

  • Insulating fire brick containing 50% weight. alumina or less