Technocast Minerals

Selection & Installation of Screening Media

Screening machines operate using vibrations to create a stratification of material and allow the material to pass through an opening.

Open area is the surface aperture (opening) of a screening media that allows material, pulled by gravity, to pass through. The greater the open area, the greater the screening capacity.

In order to utilize the maximum open area of a screening media, we need to ensure proper installation.

Vibrations may cause early breakage of screening media if it is not installed properly.

We can help you install your media to increase throughput and provide superior wear life.

Installation of Screening Media

Screening media are subject to various loads within the same deck . Therefore , the selection of the media size is not only dependant on the cut-size , but can involve many other process variables.

We combine historical media usage with an onsite discussion and examination to audit your current screen media and create an action plan for success.


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