Technocast Minerals

Audit & Studies of Wear Issues

Every wear problem requires an individual solution. That is why it is important for our experts to precisely analyse the type of wear which occurs and its associated parameters. 

For example, in cyclones and pneumatic conveyors, the size and shape of grains are key factors but so are the speed of conveyance and the angles of impact. Other wear problems require entirely different factors to be taken into account. For this reason, wear-protection designs require engineering expertise and often need customised combinations of protective materials.

In terms of optimising the lifespan of your plant, TECHNO CAST is your first-choice partner.


Engineering - Fabrication - Installation

Even in the planning of installations, all the essential characteristics of the wear need to be assessed in order to ensure the most profitable plant lifetime by means of suitable lining systems. 

Operational plant should not only be equipped with the right wear protection but also be checked at regular intervals. Then it can be established how serious the wear has become in order to carry out the necessary repairs within the planned maintenance intervals and therefore guarantee fault-free plant operation.

With more than 100 years of experience in designing wear protection, our partner KALENBORN is able to develop a sustainable concept and achieve a profitable solution for our customers.