Technocast Minerals

Conveyor Maintenance Services

Conveyor belts have been around for decades and are an invaluable tool used in several industries for easily transporting a plethora of different materials. There are hundreds of types of conveyor belt systems, but they all have one thing in common: they move goods. High productivity of the belt is critical, no matter what type of industry and what type of belt.


Operational readiness, reliability and the working life of any conveying system are all factors which depend on the system being appropriately equipped, serviced, and maintained.


For the preventive maintenance of your belt conveyors, our solutions include:

  • Conveyor belt splicing services: by mechanical staples, cold splicing, and hot vulcanizing,

  • Supply and installation of scrapers, pulley lagging, dust skirting, impact beds,

  • Audit, Inspection and Calculations of conveyors,