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Repair of Vertical Rolling Mill in Cement Plants

The VRM’s function is to crush the materials into very fine particles, just prior to being stored or after the primary crushers. 

The VRM components are subjected to severe wear which can increase dramatically when high silica content is found in the raw materials or where mills are grinding slag. 

It is known that the largest area of energy consumption in manufacturing cement is in the finish milling process. Consequently, such wear problems can significantly influence the profitability of a plant. 

A worn VRM roller profile also reduces grinding efficiency, increasing energy demands further.

Repair of VRM Table & Rollers at the customer's site

TECHNO CAST’s Mobile Services arrives with fully equipped mobile units offering an optimal on-site service with lightweight state-of-the-art welding machines, its own power distribution, frequency controller, auxiliary drives for roller and table and wire transportation with a reach of up to 25 meters. 

Integrated computer-controlled X-Y-Axis for torch movement and semi-automatic welding mode come to combine this Advanced High-Speed VRM Repair Concept mobile package.

TECHNO CAST has partnered with Castolin Eutectic who  has gained experience of welding wear parts for Vertical Roller Mills since the early 90s. 

Today, we are able to deliver in-house solutions with state-of-the-art equipment. 

A high degree of automation guarantees a constant quality level of the coatings and accordingly excellent and reproducible performance of the wear parts. 

The exact rebuilding of the missing wear profile with high performing in-house developed cored wires is the main target.

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