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SLIDE-LAG® pulley lagging

Pulley coating

Slid Lag Pulley Lagging is a drum lining system using rails welded to its surface as a base for fixing the lining, The coating is made of vulcanized rubber on a steel support slipping under the slides: the Slide-Lag® bar. This lining on welded rails is renowned for its longevity.

It can be installed without disassembling the drum or the conveyor belt, reducing the costs of handling, line stopping and transporting the drum.


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  • Can be installed without removing the pulleys from operating position or opening the belt splice.

  • Replacing Slide-Lag® is even more convenient and easier, since the retainers are already in position.

  • Excellent plating on the pulley, due to a mechanical fastening using slides which are welded to the pulley. The plating is obtained by bending each bar to the diameter of the drum for which it is intended.

  • excellent tensile strength, the slide lag® is vulcanized (molded) not glued to its steel support.

  • Durability, due to anti-abrasion elastomer formulations.

  • Accessories allowing, for example, to bend a flat pulley.

  • The profile of the slide lag® is reminiscent of that of a tire: it has striated areas to facilitate the adhesion of the side of the belt which is in contact with the pulley.

  • The rubber is: 

    • Abrasion-resistant 
    • Oil and grease resistant 
    • Flame resistant

Maintenance Cost reducing

  • Easy to install

  • Easy to replace

  • Excellent tensile strength

  • long lasting


Technical Properties

  • 12 mm thick profiled structure, vulcanized on a 2 mm thick Corten, steel or stainless steel support.
  • The 14mm thick molded set is produced in a standard length of 1830mm and in 2 different widths:

    • 135mm: S signe
    • 142mm: L signe
  • One or the other width is available depending on the diameter of the pulley to be lined.
  • Slide lag® is available in several rubber qualities:

    • Abrasion-resistant black natural rubber With 55 +/- 5 ° Shore A, density 1.11, this formulation has a tear resistance of 20 MPa and an elongation at break of 500% (according to the NF T 46-002 test method). It can be used from – 30 ° C to + 90 ° C.

    It is the quality that is most often requested of us.

    • Black polychloroprene rubber, called GRM2311 , with 70 +/- 5 ° Shore A, density 1.50, It has good tensile strength (15 MPa) and an elongation at break of 415% (according to standard NF ISO 37). 

    does not contain phthalates.

    • Abrasion-resistant white natural rubber, also called “parablond rubber” , with 45 +/- 5 ° Shore A, density less than 1, this quality present a unique nervosity and elasticity.
    • Slide lag® can be offered in other rubber qualities:  EPDM (for resistance over 110 ° C), BUTYL (good gas impermeability), HYPALON (good resistance to acids/bases).