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With growing demands in international trade, imports and exports are expanding rapidly. Ports and terminals are an important part of the logistics required to efficiently and safely handle a variety of products. To maximize profitability, products must be moved quickly between ships or barges and railcars. This requires a highly complex, precise system of belt conveyor and transfer points capable of moving a wide range of products that includes everything from large containers to bulk materials over long distances.

At Technocast, our solutions are designed to ensure conveyor belts operate cleanly and safely over long distances and optimize the efficiency of transfer and unloading points. By making sure your products move efficiently along the conveyor without spilling from the belt or accumulating into bottlenecks inside chutes and hoppers, we can help you prevent unexpected shutdowns for cleanup and maintenance.

We can assist you with the Maintenance of your Belt Conveyors

Wear Protection for your Transport Pipes

Improve Material Flow in Silos & Hoppers