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Your Partner for Efficient Maintenance Solutions

The silos and hoppers in cement factories constantly undergo variations in parameters such as humidity, temperatures, density, and quality of materials. This results in large material flow variations which often lead to blockage / clogging of the silos and hoppers.

Our wear protection and sliding -promotion solutions installed on silo and hopper on walls and surfaces ensure impeccable operation. They thus avoid the need for manual cleaning or the need to use vibrators or air cannons to ensure continuous production without interruption.

When choosing the right materials for wear protection linings, our engineers take into account the specific geometry involved, for example that of a hopper or silo. Very often, we propose solutions composed of several materials which will be installed in the different parts of a silo (cylindrical, conical part.)

Solutions to solve clogging problems

The special thermoplastics of the KALEN ™ product family ensure flawless operation by preventing adhesions and vaulting in the conveyed bulk materials. They therefore guarantee the regular flow of materials.

Combined solutions to reduce clogging and improve wear resistance

The linings made of KALCERAM ™ hard ceramic products, which combine good sliding properties with superior anti-wear protection, have similar effectiveness.

Other products, such as Basalt ABRESIST ™, high Alumina KALOCER ™ ceramic have also been shown to be effective in solving clogging problems combined with wear problems.